Your NHL Preview: Western Division

The 2010 NHL Season tips off sometime relatively soon, so I thought I’d preview the contenders and pretenders hitting the ice soon.

Contenders in the Western Division:

1) Calgary Flames.  Led by Theo Fleury and Phil Housley, these guys are sure to puck the net often and early.

2) L.A. Kings.  This one’s easy. Robataille to Gretzky to Hrudey to the back of the net!

3) Vancouver Canucks.  Kirk McLean = Brick Wall.

4) Saint Louis Blues.  Brett Hull is looking for a breakout year, Cavallini Brothers will continue to shine.

Pretenders in the Western Division:
1) Chicago Blackhawks.  Eddie Belfour can’t quite light the lamp like he used to.

2) Detroit Red Wings.   Ugly uniforms, in Detroit.

3) Anaheim Mighty Ducks.  These kids will not win a game, way too young.   Plus, their coach is gay.

4) Winnipeg Jets.  Teemu Selanne can only do so much!


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