Report: Alex Smith to Lose Starting Job to Jenny Dabrowski

Reports from 49ers camp are surfacing this morning with the news of a change at the quarterback position.

Word is that Alex Smith is out and Jenny Dabrowski is in, this after the 49ers’ heartbreaking 24-27 loss at the hands of the Eagles.  Smith was unable to lead his offense to a last minute win, as he has been known to do throughout the course of his disappointing career.

Dabrowski, 4, is a hometown hero of sorts.  She was born and is being raised in San Francisco.  Lived there all her life.  Danced there.  Played there.  Pooped there.  Loved (her mom and dad) there.  We wish her luck as she tries to take the 49ers (0-5) to their first win since 2009.


Smith, 26, and Dabrowski, 4, readying themselves for practice on Thursday.


“Diva? You’re goddamn right she’s a diva,” 49ers head coach Mike Singletary pronounced on Monday.  “She’s 4 years old for fuck’s sake.  She likes unicorns and fairy dust and dirtyin’ diapers and shit.  But guess what?  She sure as hell can sling it better than Smith,  so we’re giving her a shot.”

Smith, a former #1 overall pick from Bremerton, Washington, has thrown 52 interceptions in 48 career games.


Coach Mike Singletary is running out of options.



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