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David Robinson Puts Up an Amazing 72 Points Against the Jazz


Little Baby from Hartford Destined to Fail, Hate Minorities

Ken Caminiti Dead at 41

May God watch over his soul in Heaven, which is most definitely where he is right now. ┬áNo chance this guy’s rotting in Hell.

Old Man Soils Himself on National Television

Bus Carrying Duke Basketball Players Careens Off Cliff

Wouldn’t that be kewl?

No survivors were pulled from the fiery wreckage except for Larry Hamilton, the 51 year-old bus driver from Detroit, Michigan.

Hamilton, the only person on the bus not associated with Duke Basketball, came away from the wreckage completely unscathed.



“Grandmama” Actually Just Larry Johnson of the Charlotte Hornets

Ben Sheets Threatens Hold Out, Demands Re-negotiation of his Contract So That He “Can Make Over $20 Million Like All Those Other Dudes”