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ASB Fantasy Forecast: Running Backs

We at ASB love fantasy foosball. And we want to help you win your Yahoo public league so you can get a digital trophy!!! Today we are going to run down the top 5 running backs in football, if these guys aren’t on your team you better hit the Free Agent Wire boy!!!!!!

5. Najeh Davenport – Davenport is a force on the field, busting through pileups. But when he is hammered, its his piles that power through. Don’t sell this guy short, he is creative and therefore routinely leads the league in dorm hampers dooked in.

4. Lawrence Phillips – Knows how to treat a woman.

3. Natrone Means – Sits top step motherfucker…

2. Cadillac Williams – cause he is just so fucking smart

1. Curtis Penis – YOU KNOOOOWWWWW